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PADI Divemaster

Overview of the Divemaster

Take your love of scuba diving in the underwater world to the next level in our PADI Divemaster training program !

What can I expect during the Divemaster course ?

This is the first stage in the PADI‘s professional career path, allowing you to do what you love for a living ! On average, this course includes four dives a week. The longer you stay, the more diving you get to do.

As part of your divemaster training, you will develop the skills required to ensure the safety of other divers as well as becoming a role model for new divers. Once certified, you’ll be able to assist PADI Instructors during courses and safely guide certified divers around dive sites.

This course starts with a theory component focusing on the underwater environment, the physics of diving, decompression theory, and dive related first aid. Developing an understanding of this theory is crucial for Divemaster candidates and will be useful throughout the course of a divers career. The first in-water components of a PADI Divemaster course are the five water skills designed to evaluate your competence in the water. Additionally, you will need to show your rescue skills in a simulation to demonstrate that you can rescue an unconscious diver on the surface. Throughout the Divemaster course you will join your PADI Instructor on Open Water and continuing education courses where the instructor will ask you to demonstrate your skills at a high standard to learner divers. You’ll be tested on these skills in terms of your ability to demonstrate them slowly and clearly with exaggerated step by step movements. A Divemaster’s own education and understanding is crucial as students should feel they can come to a Divemaster in order to understand skills or theory better. Divemasters should generally be a role model for the students, and a bridge between them and the instructor.

This course is only for certified divers. Don’t have your PADI dive certification yet ? Take a look at our PADI Open Water Diver Course !