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About us

How it all started

Scuba divers are among the most passionate when it comes to marine conservation and for good reason. With every dive and every new PADI certified diver more people have a chance to witness the stunning, awe inspiring marine environment with their own eyes. Around the world, millions of people are donning their scuba gear and witnessing first hand the best sights and experiences of the underwater world. However, divers also see how these fantastic ecosystems are under threat from plastic pollution, overfishing as well as unsustainable dive practices. An entry level PADI Open Water Diver course can turn someone who was perhaps relatively unaware of the struggles and threats harming our precious underwater ecosystem and turn that someone into a champion of ocean conservation, fighting against the practices that threaten the marine life they have come to love.

Diving in a coral reef can be one of the most visually stunning, eye opening experiences and for us that’s a good enough reason to want to conserve them. But coral reefs are also incredibly important for the ecosystems that they support and the general health of the world itself. The safe haven that coral reefs provide are home to 33% of all the fish species in the ocean as well as functioning as an important breeding ground for 25% of all marine species. Yet, despite their importance, 75% of reefs worldwide are threatened by human activities as well as climate change and ocean acidification. It is projected that (if we continue as normal) 90% of coral reefs will be threatened by 2030. Each year more and more people travel to tropical beaches and if the unsustainable business practices and tourist behaviours continue then coral reefs will be under even greater pressure. All of this inspired us to create a diving community that is fully aware of these problematics.

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What makes us unique ?

In other words… Why should you choose to dive with us ? Because of our ethos. We understand the environmental impact of diving and don’t view ourselves merely as tourists of the underwater world. Learning with us means learning sustainable diving, especially harm reduction regarding our interactions with coral. When diving with our centre, you not only learn how to champion and protect reefs, but also help fund our important coral conservation work.

Our aim is to spread this message and motivate others all around the globe to respect and conserve the natural world wherever they go. With each dive we preach environmentally safe dive practices, passing them on to both newer and experienced divers. No doubt these reef conscious divers will travel the world to new, amazing dive sites, remembering what they learned with us at Bali Conservation Diving. With every dive, they will be an exemplary role model diver and pass on these environmentally safe dive practices to their dive buddies, other divers as well as dive professionals. People inspired by the ocean not only change their dive practices, but also often change their mindset and lifestyle habits. Witnessing the scale of plastic pollution in the ocean has made us and others seriously consider the choices they make to reduce their single use plastic consumption.

We aim to change the way the general public sees the ocean, promoting sustainable practices to ensure that everyone can experience the wondrous majesty of the oceans now and in the future. In everything we do at the resort, we consciously think about how we can avoid any negative impact on the environment – from how we plan and manage dives and divers to the products and food we use in our accommodation and in the kitchens !

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We look forward to diving with you !