PADI Dive Resort

Our PADI Dive Resort

Whether you’re a Dive Master
or you’ve not yet dipped a toe in the ocean,
we have dives to suit you, and help you fall in love with our underwater world.


Our skilled local instructors are excellent teachers for whatever stage of your diving career you’re at. Not only will you become more confident in the water, but you will get to learn in one of the most varied and exciting marine habitats – Bali!


We offer professional guides to hire and dive with you in a variety of locations. Even the most confident and experienced divers will often dive with a professional guide as their buddy. Our local dive guides have years of experience diving all over Bali and the nearby islands. Diving with an expert to guide you means you get to visit the secrets each site has to offer, and often spot the hidden marine life others swim right past. Your guide will bring you peace of mind, and also be your personal photographer, making sure to take many photos for you to treasure and remember your experience for years to come.


Our Conservation Dives are done through our Volunteering program, a specific and intensive new venture, where you dive four days a week positioning artificial reef structures. Play a crucial role in improving the vitality of the marine habitats you so love, and help diving remain a fun experience for generations to come.

divers swimming over the corals

Why You’ll Love Us

Bali is well known by divers across the globe, and our island is full of dive centres, so why should you choose to dive with us? Because of our ethos.

We understand the environmental impact of diving, and don’t view ourselves merely as tourists of the underwater world.
Learning with us means learning sustainable diving, especially harm reduction regarding our interactions with coral. Too many divers unfortunately damage the very reefs they go to see, and therefore prevent future generations getting a chance to fall in love with marine life too. When diving with our centre you not only learn how to champion and protect reefs, but also help fund our important coral conservation work.

  • Balinese Owned
  • Responsible Diving Practices
  • Fund Coral Conservation